✔ Flexible configuration: Legacy LHVS series can be in parallel by multiple modules and sets for expanding capacity
and power as required.
✔ High compatibility performance: Legacy LHVS series can be suitable for all kinds of low power UPS and other
inverters, like Deye, Voltronic and etc…
✔ Safe and reliable: Cathode material is made from LiFePO4 with safety performance and long lifespan. Legacy
batteries are with less self-discharge, no memory effect, excellent performance of shallow charge and discharge.
✔ Intelligent BMS: Legacy BMS has protection functions including over-discharge, over-charge, over-current and overhigh
or low temperature. The system can automatically manage the charge and discharge state and balance current and
voltage of each cell.
✔ Integrated fire control system: Legacy LHVS Series batteries are built-in fire-protecting system with “Legacy” APP
supporting on-line monitoring all the time(7*24h), to protect the safety of the system and facilities without dead angles.
✔ Remote supportive: Legacy LHVS series, is supported with both USB and remote online upgrade by Wifi or bluetooth,
for mornitoring and maintenance. Download“Legacy”APP to get more instructions.
✔ Wide temperature: Working temperature range is from -20°C to 55°C, with excellent discharge performance and
cycle life.




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